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Bug report - Ableton + Nvidia 419.17 + Fabfilter GUI = crash

Bug report - Ableton + Nvidia 419.17 + Fabfilter GUI = crash

Not long ago I updated my Nvidia drivers from 319.01 to 419.17 and now Ableton 10.0.6 completely crashes when closing any VST Fabfilter GUI. This was because Apex Legends was constantly crashing. I downgraded back to 418.91 and the crashing was gone. This only happened with Ableton and I've already sent them a crash report.

Could anybody give me more info about this weird behavior that has only been introduced with the new Nvidia Drivers (419.17)?


I'm having the same issue, is there a fix?


Having this issue as well. Fabfilter is crashing Ableton upon closing a plugin. Need fix asap.


We will look into this soon. Until then, rolling back to the previous Nvidia driver version should work. We will keep you updated!

Floris (FabFilter)

I think there is an issue with Ableton and Nvidia GPUs in general. I was experiencing GUI stalls, followed by missing pixels (resizing the window would restore in full) and since swapping for an AMD card, I've had zero issues so far.


Just wanted to share a quick fix for anyone that is having this issue. My setup is Windows 10 with Ableton 10.0.6 and Nvidia 419.35 driver. You basically need to tell the computer to start Ableton without Nvidia driver. Go to your Nvidia Control Panel then "Manage 3D settings" and in "Program Settings" select Ableton Live 10 exe (add if needed) then select "Integrated Graphics" instead of Auto-select or Nvidia. Working great so far.


Can I ask everyone with this problem to report it with NVIDIA so they are aware of this issue? The proper location seems to be:


Frederik (FabFilter)

Thank you FutureG, that's the solution right there!


FutureG's solution is a good one, but only works if you have both integrated graphics and a separate NVIDIA graphics card/chip in your system.

I've installed the 419.35 driver on one of our systems which has an NVIDIA chip (GT 750 M) but it just works normally. I tested in both Cubase 10 and Ableton Live with the latest versions of our plug-ins. Just loaded Pro-Q 3, Pro-C 2 and Pro-L 2 on a track, minimized the host, closed plug-in interfaces, etc, but no crash. So it seems to occur with certain NVIDIA cards/chips only.

Which NVIDIA graphics cards are you all using that are causing the crash?

Frederik (FabFilter)

FutureG's solution works for me. What I noticed that this problem isn't exclusively to Fabfilter products. I had the same problem with other VSTs with more fancy GUI (animations, lots of "movement", you know, that type). Latest Nvidia updates did something here (gtx 1070).


Hi,I'm having the same issue,i have tried FutureG solution but doesn't work for me,so guys you know other solucion?


i have also this problem with other plugin like arturia analog lab 3,t-rackS 5.
my pc requirement:
Intel core i7-55000 cpu,2.40 GHz
Ram 12,0 GB
graphics card: nvdia geforce 940M


I do not have fabfilter plugins however I have the same issues with some of my plugins also, so I don't think this is exclusively a fabfilter issue. However, some plugins still run fine.
I do have a Gtx1060 in my Laptop with the 419.35 driver. I think the issue is here. Unfortunately changing the graphic card to intel as proposed by FutureG in the nvidia control panel didn't change anything. Still Ableton shuts down when closing the plugins. This is really annoying. Is there another possible solution yet that works for everyone who has the issue?


The best solution for now is to downgrade to the 418.91 driver.

Note: we are releasing minor plug-in updates today but that doesn't change anything regarding the NVIDIA driver -- we can't fix this from our end unfortunately.


Frederik (FabFilter)

I also had this problem with GPU-intensive plugins (in my case Arturia V6 Collection), although other plugins like Soundtoys still worked fine. After several hours of trying to figure out the source of the problem a roll-back in device manager to driver 398.82 seems to have solved the problem. I submitted a report to NVIDIA through the link above.

System info:
Windows 10 home 64-bit
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7500U CPU @ 2.70GHz


Hi people, I have ended here by a hard investigation in google.

I had the same problems that you report: when I close the VST plugin window of some plugins like Adicctive Drums 2, Analog Lab 3 y FabFilter collection, in Ableton 10 and Maschine, the DAW crashs and close.

I change my NVIDIA configuration just like FutureG says and now is all FIXED, thanks U so much. In fact, I update the drivers 2 days ago and i think thats the problem.


forgot to say that i'm:

Windows 10 64 bits
Ableton 10.0.6
12gb RAM DDR4
Intel i7
NVIDIA Gforce 940MX


Hi all,

It seems like NVIDIA finally released a new driver version (425.31) that should fix the issues mentioned in this thread.

Could anyone of you confirm this? Thanks!

Floris (FabFilter)

Hello everyone,

I was having the same problems both with FabFilter Pro Q-3 and with all my Arturia V6 VST's (graphically complex plug-ins).

I formatted my computer reinstalled my stable Ableton version (10.0.3) and still the same error occurred, now I've updated it to version 10.0.6 and updated my nvidia drivers to the most recent version (425.31)

Problem solved!

My current setup is:

Windows 10 64x
Ableton 10.0.6
Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M
Intel i7-6700HQ

Alexandre Guzzo

Great, thanks for the feedback!


Frederik (FabFilter)

Hello all

I've find an issue with couple Fabfilter and Backup and Sync from Google sofware.

When I launch Ableton AFTER have lauched Google software, and I launch a Fabfilter module, Ableton crash.

When I launch Ableton before Google sync software, I have no crash.

I've done 10 tests and obtain the same result. Mais be a memory affectation or something like that ?

No information available about this problem on Windows logs or somewhere else in Internet.

For Fabfilter users who use at the same time fabfilter, try my solution : launch Google Sync AFTER Ableton

Agskra DJ

Same here, crashes when closing a plugin, no matter if vst2 or vst3

Peter G├╝ttinger

hi guys, im having this exact problem, i don't know which driver to download, i have a geforce gtx 950m card and i have tried to find the ableton .exe to change the settings to integrated but i cant find the .exe fie to try that fix either. hopefully someone can help me out

tom linnell
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