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oversampling and non realtime rendering or mixdown


I never use oversampling because I'm already on the max of what my CPU can handle. However when I mixdown a session (Pyramix) I do this non realtime, so CPU power is not an issue. It's just takes longer.

I was wondering if the plugins from FF are automatically set to oversampling when a mixdown is done non realtime? If not could this be an option to build in?

I know I can set all the plugins to oversampling and increase other settings when possible (Sooth by Oeksound has a resolution setting ie) but then I would spent a lot of time changing the settings and then when done, changing them back. Forgetting a few and then having CPU spikes and searching for the one plugin .....

Automatically would be great.


Understood! Two things though... we think you really ought to listen to the result with/without oversampling and use your ears to judge whether to use it, rather than assuming that it will magically make everything better. And adding such an option would complicate the interface because you need two sets of oversampling (and possibly other) settings.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Yes, I do believe in magic! And sadly the world is not as black and white as I would like it to be ;-)

I see your point. I'll give it an listen!



I would be really interested in real-time vs render-mixdown different settings. There are some other plugins I use that have this functionality and I find it incredibly useful, reducing real-time CPU load knowing when I render the final mix-down it is at the higher quality.

In my mind, this applies to oversampling and linear-phase settings in particular, but also lookahead might be good too. Both reducing the real-time overhead when recording, mixing and tracking but kicks in full quality on final render mixdown.



Hey guys, would love this as well.

(1) Saying that it's a GUI thing isn't really the greatest reason to not include this.

You could totally just have this option in the drop down:

16x (offline)
32x (offline)

Where both of these default to no oversampling when working -- on the premise that someone using them is trying to save real time CPU.

(2) Saying that we should just listen is fine. We can listen. And then we can turn it back to one of the "offline" options. So that we can keep working. And then still have the option to have the offline oversampling.

So there are definitely solutions. Maybe there isn't enough demand to warrant the effort?


For me, I don't think I would benefit from this option, and the reason is simple, consistency.

If oversampling a plugin makes it sound better, then by definition it will have to sound different than the normal mode, the mode you make your important mixing decisions on. When I do my final output render, I want to know that it will sound exactly like what I've been working on. If I suddenly have low end ringing in my output file because one of my EQs switched to max linear phase mode, that wouldn't be desirable.

If the only reason this feature is needed is to save cpu power, it probably won't be worth the effort. Technology only gets faster, making this feature obsolete whenever the user's hardware gets upgraded next.

Adam D

I would love to see this option, too!

Of course we would listen to the "Render-Mode", and if we approve it, switch back to the "Live-Mode" to save CPU, if we feel the need to.
After that we could just forget about it, knowing that "Render-Mode" is used at rendering, as we wanted it to be.
That would be really awesome and would save a lot of time!


Oeksound has offline and live options for its quality settings - what's more, they give the option to apply your offline settings to every instance of Soothe2 in your project. It's annoying having to change the oversampling every time I come back to a project after rendering and saving - this would honestly be such a great addition.

Aaron Steinhoff

I second this, would be really handy feature.


Yes, please, c2, l2, saturn and ds need this!


+1 for this.


Yes! Please add this!


+1 for offline oversampling. PLEASE give us this option because even with better computers, I can hit the CPU usage very hard with everything I use and it would be nice to have it just for the offline bounce/render.


Yes please! For Pro-MB, Pro-C2 and Pro-L2, this would be wonderful. I agree with the above poster that Oeksound do it the right way with Soothe2, including "Apply setting setting to all instances" option - really smart and really handy.

Hell, Pro-Q3 dynamics could probably even benefit from oversampling.

Would like to see more than x4 oversampling in Pro-C and Pro-MB too. Upto 18 or 16 to completely eliminate aliasing 100%.

From this thread and other similar threads, you get a sense that actually Fabfilter aren't big believers in oversampling, and come from the "aliasing is inaudible, so why worry about it" mindset - which is a shame.

I'd love to see Fabfilter plugins go true 64-bit (double precision) internal processing too, but again Fabfilter are like "you can't hear to difference so who cares".

Fabfilter has a reputation for high quality cleanliness, but maybe it's more about clean high quality GUIs than clean high quality audio. Oh well, we always have Voxengo.

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