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Saturn 2?

I'm a big fan of the Saturn distortion plugin, have used it loads of times in mixes to great effect, but just wondering if there is a Saturn 2 in the works?

I would love to see:

1) New interesting amp modelling style distortion types to offer lots of new tonal characters.

2) Mic to amp modelling or direct feed choices, basically stuff similar to what Logics amp distortion plugin does in terms of choices and what you can do.

3) As well as HQ mode, have a UHQ Ultra High Quality mode, which could be 16x oversampling or possibly even 32x, to really force the unwated intermodulation distortion elements down to an even lower db level.


..oh and also would be great to have a custom distortion mode where you can edit any waveshape you want, or expressed in terms of odd and even harmonics where you can draw on a graph the levels of each 2nd 3rd 4th harmonic etc :)


Hi Laurence,

Thanks! All valid and interesting suggestions... noted!

Floris (FabFilter)

If you do, please also cater to sound designers looking for creative loFi options. Especially something like gated fuzz (e.g. z.vex) and over-the-top digital distortion. It’s nice to have options.


Simple (or not) HP & LP filters in the plugin! :)


Ah great, I was just going to suggest a master LP after trying to fit an instrument in a mix after bitcrushing it with Saturn.

So +1


Saturn 2 could also feature some intense spectral distortion algorithms which really mangle the sound the more you turn the knob.
I believe that in the realm of spectral processing there are many more options for wild and creative distortions.

I would also like to see some distortions which allow inter-band modulation. So they use the (volume, panning, spectral) info on another band to be driven. This could be part of the modulation system.

Extracting some more info for modulation from the audio would also be nice so that this can be used for modulation. Words like "noisiness", "tonalness", "darkness", "brightness", "plosiveness", "lushness" etc. come to mind. These linear extracted params could then control params of the effect. This allows pretty organic results.

Of course Saturn 2 needs a HDPI GUI which is scalable and zoomable.


I too love Saturn, use it all the time, echo the wish for more saturation types, and echo the feature idea to have a "custom" type where we can adjust a waveshape editor in detail or an editor where we can control exactly which even and odd harmonics get included and in which ratios to each other. I realize a "custom" type violates the way the existing types work to some degree since you've tuned the way the feedback, drive and dynamics knobs react within each type, but I think your best judgement on how the knob calibration should be tuned would be fine within a "custom" type.

A common use case for an even and odd harmonic picker would be how 10,000 electronic music producers per day seek to start with a basic sine or triangle sub bass signal and add only a few specific higher harmonics while avoiding too much "muddy" harmonic content around 150-300 Hz. Your existing tube and tape modes can work wonders for this goal in general on most applications, but I'd love even more control to boost one or more very specific harmonics while avoiding or decreasing the relative volume of others.


Feature request:

1. Routing options. Perhaps instead of multiple frequency bands, there could be an option to run multiple saturation types in selectable combinations of serial and parallel configurations.


Hello Fabfilter.

Thanks for Saturn 2 release. Thinking of buying it.

True, I'm a little upset by the fact that there is no way to flexibly draw waves as in Specter or Soothe. Such a function could provide more options.

I would also like the Mid \ Side processing function.

And of course the "Autogain" function will not be superfluous.

Best wishes


Hi Georg,

Saturn 2 does offer MS processing. Simply tick the LR symbol in the output tab and it will toggle between LR and MS.

Cheers, Ralph

Ralph (FabFilter)

Thank you for such a quick response.

Indeed, I was mistaken and wrote incorrectly.
Saturn 2, offers a choice between Mid or Side positions of knob.
As I understand it, there is no way to process one frequency range by saturation of the mid and side components both.

It would be cool to be able to process both Mid and Side at once, as you can do with Pro Q or Izotope Exiter.

More best wishes.


Hi Georg,

When you're in MS mode, you process both mid and side when the pan ring is in the centre. It's only when you start moving the pan ring that you start processing the mid and sides independently.


Ralph (FabFilter)
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