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EQ Match fail


I'm having trouble with the EQ Match feature in Pro Q 3. I'm trying to follow the steps in the manual in order to match one part of a track to another part on the same track. But the Match-button stays grayed out so I'm stuck. Does anybody have a clue what I'm doing wrong? Here is a screen grab with me trying:



Manne Kjellander

Hi Manne,

You're not doing anything wrong: I just discovered that there's a bug in Pro-Q 3 that causes the Input option in the Reference popup menu to fail. We'll fix that in the next update.

For now though, I recommend that you use the Save Input As Reference Spectrum option in the menu to save the reference spectrum first as a file. You can then select it as a reference to compare with the current input.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Coming up on a year since this post. Why is there no update yet? This is a signature part of this plugin and it's hobbled.


Wow you are right. There are no updates for a Year now. Just realised


Hi guys,

We're actually working very hard on a release at the moment :-)

The reason why we haven't released any updates for a year? That's mainly because the last release (March 2019) has proven to be very stable and nearly bug-free). Also, these macOS installers were already Catalina-ready...

So in short: the fact that we haven't release (minor) updates since last year is a good sign!

And now... back to work on new stuff! Keep an eye on the website!

Floris (FabFilter)
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