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Pro-G(2?) update

FabFilter should update Pro-G to include a feature inspired in Wilkinson Audio DeBleeder and Slate's brand new gate (and its debleed section). A release programmed to last longer in a selected range kicking in after a user defined period, i.e.: cutting cymbal bleed but letting the note ring.

I know it can be done in Pro-MB, I've done it. But it's not a gate, it's not designed to be one. The drum hit is somewhat dulled even with huge lookahead and the fastest attack time.

Slate's design is flawed for lack of lookahead, external sidechain, etc.

That's one update I'd certainly buy. : )


Thanks for the suggestion, I've noted it so we can look at it for future Pro-G updates. :)


Frederik (FabFilter)

You could offer an option for toms and kicks where you select a sine waveform detection reference and specific frequency (+pitch tracking +/- a specific number of cents) for toms, Kick and the ringing kind of snare sound.

Not sure if this would have the same effect as a resonant bandpass filter in the sidechain. I imagine not.

Also, you could try and distinguish between tonal and noise. I think waves do that for their transient designer. But that could work nicely for the sidechain in Pro-G, too, I think.


i want suggest something for the next pro g

threshold min at -90 db

upward expander with max ratio till 10 units for a better
de compression



Seconding the suggestion for lowering minimum threshold to -90 dB.


Adjustable hysteresis would be great. I know different styles have it built in but I don't always find the right combination and when I do is by trial and error, not great for workflow. A ring around the threshold knob and an extra line in the display would keep the gui nice and clean and make Pro-G so much more versatile and quick to dial in.



will be great also a minimum output level very low for de compressing

over compressed music but not to reach the clip


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