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How to apply DS to audio in Pro Tools?

Absolute beginner here. Just installed Pro Tools 12.5 and Pro-DS on Windows 10, so I have a whopping several hours of experience.

I loaded a WAV file as a clip, adjusted the controls in the DS plugin. I guess I assumed that when I bounced the session I'd end up with a rendered file that included the changes from the plugin, but all I get is a file that sounds like the input file.

I'm sure that this is so obvious to experienced users which is why I can't seem to find an answer on the web. What am I missing?

David Martin

Hi David,

Did you add Pro-DS as an insert on the track? This should do what you're expecting. You should also hear the effect while you're playing the track.

However, if you used the AudioSuite menu to open Pro-DS, that explains what happened: AudioSuite is used to perform changes to clips in-place, and only does this if you click the Render button in the AudioSuite dialog.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Hi Frederik, I was doing it as an insert, but I just tried again with no effect. I can monitor the effect that DS has by using the Compare button. But the output from Bouncing it is still the same as the input.

However, when I followed instructions for using AudioSuite, I applied the settings from settings from the insert setup. When I tried to play the audio in Pro Tools to compare, the Pause button just kept blinking. I figured that since I already knew on settings worked, I just rendered it like you suggested, and ended up with what I expected, although I can't find a way to end up with a single file instead of two files, one for each channel, like I can with Bounce.

Is that clear? I hope you can understand it.

David Martin
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