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Will Pro-Q 3 license unlock Pro-Q 2?


I currently have Pro-Q 2 and I am interested in getting Pro-Q 3. However, I want to do so by selling my Pro-Q 2 and then purchasing Pro-Q 3 separately.

If I do this way and get Pro-Q 3, will I be able to run and activate Pro-Q 2 license too? Asking because a few projects I have Pro-Q 2 instances running and I do not want to disturb them.

A confirmation on this would be really appreciated.

Thank you!


Hi Kaitav,

Yes! When you purchase a Pro-Q 3 license, you automatically get access (via your account) to a Q2 and Q1 license as well.

Floris (FabFilter)

Hi Floris,

Many thanks for the confirmation.

I just saw that you launched an amazing sale. Congratulations to everyone at FabFilter for completing 15 successful years.

Best wishes for the future! :)

Thanks you!

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