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Problem with Pro-Q2 & Pro-Q3 With Latest OSX Update


Latest update Mac OS Mojave 10.14.4 - Logic Pro X 10.4.4, adds random notches to every plugin using Pro-Q3 or Pro-Q2. Everything was perfect until the latest update days ago, I also have to most updated version of Pro-Q3 as well. It does seem to affect to sound and it disappears when I hit 'compare' at the top, then when I reopen the plugin, a notch appears again (in all different random positions with each track.) One notch on each track the appear randomly, that when deleted returns. Just a head ups. Thanks

Brian Woodcock

Hi Brian,

That is very odd. Some thoughts... could it be that you recorded MIDI or automation on a track that causes the notch to appear (by toggling a Band Used parameter)? Does the issue also occur in a new session?


Frederik (FabFilter)
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