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Problem with Pro-Q2 & Pro-Q3 With Latest OSX Update


Latest update Mac OS Mojave 10.14.4 - Logic Pro X 10.4.4, adds random notches to every plugin using Pro-Q3 or Pro-Q2. Everything was perfect until the latest update days ago, I also have to most updated version of Pro-Q3 as well. It does seem to affect to sound and it disappears when I hit 'compare' at the top, then when I reopen the plugin, a notch appears again (in all different random positions with each track.) One notch on each track the appear randomly, that when deleted returns. Just a head ups. Thanks

Brian Woodcock

Hi Brian,

That is very odd. Some thoughts... could it be that you recorded MIDI or automation on a track that causes the notch to appear (by toggling a Band Used parameter)? Does the issue also occur in a new session?


Frederik (FabFilter)


I thought the problem was fixed but now it just occurred again in a new session. A notch appeared on a track without automation on it, this entire session only has automation on a delay bus in which this track is not routed. I meant to say that it doesn't affect the sound because it is in the 13 Hz area, way off to the left.

In both cases, the project was good but when I opened the next day this notch appearred on all the Pro-Q3 tracks and it happened right after an automatic computer update, I never any problems before.

Brian Woodcock

Hi Brian,

That's very very strange! Is this a reproducible issue? For example: if you remove these Notches, then save the project and re-open it again: do the Notches appear again?

If so, would it be possible to send us such a test project so we can investigate?

Thanks in advance,

Floris (FabFilter)

Hi There Guys,

Im having this exact same problem. Any ideas?


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Steve Rogger
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