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Pro-C2 expands sidechain-window incorrectly in Reaper when docked

when Proc-C2 docked the sidechain-window of pro-C2 is expanded below the dock and unvisible.

As a workaround the plugin can be changed to floating mode and back to docked. Then the sidechain-window is displayed within the visible dock area.

I think this is not the expected behaviour and should be fixed.



I could provide a screencapture if you canĀ“t reproduce. :)


Hi Chris,

Thanks for reporting this. Are you using the latest versions of our plug-ins? If you still experience this issue, please e-mail us with as much info as possible and screenshots as well. Thanks in advance!

Floris (FabFilter)

Hi Floris,
thanks for your answer. I sent you a gif that shows the behavior with latest versions of reaper and Pro-C2.
Best regards

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