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GUI updates for older plugins?

Hi there,

I love each and every one of your plugins, but came to notice that some of the older ones e.g. Pro-G, Saturn, Timeless 2 and Volcano 2 are very very tiny on my new iMac Pro’s 5k display.

If only you could make them scalable by 150-200 percent, without adding any new functionality on top, this would already be an awesome upgrade and workflow improvement, which I‘d be even willing to pay for.

So, is this planned or have those plugins simply reached their end of life? :(


Hi Heiko,

I totally agree that the plug-ins you mention need so love and care, also in the GUI department. I can assure you they have -not- reached their end of life...

Floris (FabFilter)

Sorry to belabor a point as I understand that Fabfilter recognizes the need to update a few GUI's but in the case of Timeless if I understand things from another forum post, this plugin has not been updated in nearly a decade. Can any hint be given if this will happen in the next 12 months or is it further out?

I'm now 56 years old and my old man eyes are not enjoying the GUI on my 4k monitors nor my Surface Book high DPI monitor.

John Wise
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