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Compare with an cubase pro 10 plugin

Hello there,

I just started to master and mix my music. I´ve already created some projects and I´ve stumbled upon a plugin of Cubase 10 pro.

It´s called Mulitband enveloper.
It seems like a nice tool to get a bit more kick and sound to for example percussive sounds.

Is there a plug in, which works similar to this multiband enveloper? How can I use it? I tried to use the pro-MB but failed. Maybe I´ve done it wrong all the time.

If anybody have a clue, could you provide some help, please?



I'm not familiar with the cubase plugin but all the fabfilter creative plugins have envelope generators and envelope followers that you can use to trigger almost any control in the plugins. Some of then have transient shaping presets you can try out. To be clear though... this isn't what they were designed for so while it may work it probably won't be as easy as a dedicated tool. Also if you try Pro-MB again make sure you have a fast attack time and use the lookahead to be sure to catch the transient. Using the hardest knee setting is also often helpful to trigger quick gain changes.


Hi Andreas,

I'm famliar with the plugin you're talking about, it is very nice indeed !

You can try using Pro-MB in upward expension mode to get pretty close results.
You should use very quick attack/release, and maybe also lookahead to get kind of similar results to the Multiband Envelope Shaper.


thank you all for the support. i'll try the proposed solution with the MB. This will take aome time but I'm sure I'll get it done

Andreas Schirmer
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