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Speaker assignment in ProQ3

Hi and thanks for your great products! ProQ3 is my go to EQ for my day to day work in film mixing. I just miss one little thing though : it would be very useful to have the possibility to assign an EQ band or all bands to L&R + Center speakers (all front speakers) as we often meet the case of having the same material in center & LR speakers (in music stems) for example. Did you already get the same request in the past and do you think that would be possible in a future update?



Or better, any combination! + true MS for any 2 channel pick, if that would even be possible.

At least combinations like L/R+Ls/Rs - L+Ls - R+Rs and as Cyril noted L/R+C)

In the current version you can only pick logical stereo pairs. And within those pairs you can only choose between M or S, but can't switch from stereo to M+S.

Just loud thinking ;-)


We might be able to add that in a future version. The problem with offering all possible combinations is that the number of parameters per band becomes excessive -- basically you need an on/off parameter for every conceivable channel type. That makes it hard to find the main parameters like frequency and gain when you're looking for parameters when editing automation in the host.


Frederik Slijkerman

You could add many combinations but I understand it would mess with the slickness of the interface. Just L/R + C would really be of great help in post though!




Frederik Slijkerman
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