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Pro Q3 display mid/sides spectrum in analyzer?

Does anybody know if I can display spectrum of the audio for the sides (Left - Right) in Q3 instead of the Left/Right sum? I have not been able to find that setting on the demo if it exists.

I have other tools that can do that but it would be nice to consolidate it into one plug.

christian navarro

Hi Christian,

Pro-Q 3 does not currently support this. With the three types of spectrums that are available (in/out/side chain), it seemed to us that it would be very hard to recognize which spectrum and channel is where if we would show per-channel spectrums.

We could perhaps offer an option to only show one of the spectrums per-channel and we'll think about that for future updates.


Frederik Slijkerman

Thanks for letting me know.
Still love Q3.

christian navarro

Hi yeah - having the option to eq sides and mid would make this a very complete product. The eq 8 in Ableton does provide this option but as a Cubase user I'm still unable to have this option. It would be very powerful if I could roll of the lows with a side EQ and boost the highs etc.

Thank you

alfie cattell

You can do this since the beginning of Pro-Q... This topic is about the spectrum analyzer :-D


This is a massive feature request for me - being able to see separate frequency spectrums for Mid & Side at the same time, overlaid on top of each other.


Hey Vance,

The free Voxengo Span lets you do this. Just an alternative until Fabfilter implement it in Q3 :)

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