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Pro-Q 3 VST3 version license stopped working

Today when I opened a project (couple weeks old) on Cubase 10 Pro, I opened the Pro-Q 3 (VST3 version) to adjust the eq setting I had added before, but the plugin tells me, the 30-day trial period is over. It has worked fine, since I bought it around new year until now. My studio comp is an offline comp, but I logged on here on my other computer and copied the license and re-added it to the plugin, but when I restarted it, I got the same message again. I also checked the VST2 version, but it's still working. It wouldn't matter that much, if I could just copy the plugin settings from the vst3 version to the vst2 version, but it won't let me paste it on the vst2 version.

So any idea what to do?

Martti Raski

Hi Martti,

Thanks for reporting this issue. This is very strange! Both the VST2 and VST3 version or Pro-Q 3 internally use the same code to check whether the entered/stored license is correct, so theoretically both should act the same.

Could you please reinstall Pro-Q 3 using the latest version from www.fabfilter.com/download and see if that helps?

Floris (FabFilter)
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