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How do you side chain dynamic EQ in Pro Q-3 to an external track using Fl Studio?

Trying to sidechain a high shelf to an external kick. I enabled dynamic mode and routed the external track correctly (used 'side chain to this track', then in the VST wrapper settings I went to 'processing' and selected my external track as the 'stereo side chain') but am not sure how to get the high shelf node to respond to the input. Any ideas how to do this in the FL Studio version 20.1?


When you make the high shelf and made it Dynamic, you need to click on "Auto" above the Gain knob and then click on the little symbol on the left side of the dB meter which should showed up.

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Hi, I'm having a similar issue in FL Studio 20, and I can't seem to figure it out. I'm trying to have the bass dynamic EQ triggered to duck whenever the kick hits, but I can only seem to get the bass dynamic EQ to duck whenever the bass itself hits.

How do I accomplish this? I have it so the two are shown as different spectrums, so I see the kick drum underneath the bass, but the trigger is stuck on the bass, and I would like the trigger to be set in conjunction with the kick.

Tommy Fadgen

Hi Tommy,

See the post above: click the Auto button and then click the little external side chain button next to the Threshold slider to enable external triggering.


Frederik Slijkerman

Hi I'm still having same issue! I followed the suggestions and all videos online and still can figure it out. Bass ducks in everytime but not when kick comes in from external source.. Help!!

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