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Missing MIDI control parameters

There are a few important parameters it would be really nice to be able to control by MIDI, *especially Active Band parameters* like these:

- Solo toggle
- Solo volume
- Stereo select
- Stereo split
- Dynamic Auto toggle

Other parameters it would be really nice to have MIDI access to:

- A/B
- A/B copy
- Piano view

Mark W

I almost forgot the one of the most important missing MIDI parameters of all:

- Create band

Mark W

Maybe this is obvious by now but I'm talking about Pro-Q3.

Mark W

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the feedback, we'll definitely consider adding more parameters for the active band MIDI control feature. It's already way better than what we had in Pro-Q 2 but I agree it wouldn't hurt to add more controls.


Frederik Slijkerman

I would also love to see these features added. I find it way faster to work with knobs and buttons to control everything. The features above would help me work even faster on my custom midi control console.

I would also like to see a midi control for the full screen open and close feature.

Thanks for your fantastic plugins!

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