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LV2 PLUGINS ? one day ?

Hello, i do MAO on linux, ist possible to have fabfilter plugins native compatibility with Linux (LV2 Plugins)

Thanks Matt

Matthieu Coelho de Souza

Hi Matt,

Sorry, but we have no plans for Linux compatibility at the moment.


Frederik Slijkerman

What would make you change your mind? :)

Zbera Latelpo

"What would make you change your mind?"

I guess a grow in general Linux users. It's just not economic enough to develop/support a whole new platform which is only 1% in use.


Many of us only run windows boxes for the sole reason of using some very good VST that are all windows-only. For me all recording and editing is usually done in Reaper under Debian.

The market share might be larger than you think, ask U-he if supporting linux has been pointless. :D


u-he has Linux support, but it has some caveats. For one the releases are often delayed (some even for quite a long time), and it happens because they're able to do it for a very low cost (I've forgotten the specifics).

However one of the headaches is support, because you end up on a multitude of different distros with their own set of quirks and nuances, which can make supporting the plugins a nightmare, especially if you consider what you gain from it (most likely you'll end up seeing a loss).
This for instance has been reported by game developers who've supported Linux, and it's just been a nightmare for them. The support cases they got from Linux users was disproportionate to those from Windows.

There's certainly ways to do Linux support in some form or another, but it's a tricky beast where it's not just down to the user base, which is still next to nothing compared to Win/OSX.

Torben Andersen

Like Torben said, the variety of distributions combined with the low number of Linux users makes it very unattractive to support Linux. I think most developers supporting Linux do it as a "labor of love" that doesn't make a lot of financial sense. And that's great, and we do stuff like that all the time. In the case of Linux though, we don't use it ourselves and we're more attracted to the user-friendlier Mac/iOS/Windows platforms.


Frederik (FabFilter)
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