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Mouse wheel steals focus from host transport

Similar issues were posted before but this one's specific to REAPER.

When I use any FF plug-in, I can adjust any parameter using mouse click, while controlling the transport functions such as play/stop simultaneously with my keyboard. However, when adjusting parameters with the mouse wheel, I can no longer use the transport keys unless I manually focus back on the transport, because FF steals the focus.

This issue makes mouse wheel control entirely unusable for me, since I have to constantly be playing/stopping when I make adjustments. I don't have this issue with any other plug-in. Take TDR Nova for instance; it allows simultaneous mouse wheel adjustment and transport control (so it should be possible for FF in theory).

I would appreciate a ton if this issue is addressed, for this is not the type of limitation one would expect from FF. Cheers.

Can Uzer

Hi Can,

I can easily reproduce the issue and we'll investigate it. I agree that there is no reason the mouse wheel should be "special" here so it's very likely we'll be able to fix this.


Frederik Slijkerman

Thank you for your response. I'm eagerly waiting for the fix :)

Can Uzer
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