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Pro Q3 anomalies

Found something strange in Cubase Pro 10 that might be related to the current Windows 10 1903 update (using it just since yesterday).

If I insert Pro Q3 into an audio channel, the level increases. If I turn Pro Q3s' output level all the way down to minus infinity, I still hear signal. Therefore the EQing is somewhat parallel.

Gain scale is at 100 %, Auto Gain is off. Been using Pro Q2 and now Q3 for many years, so I think I can safely exclude user error.

Anything I can do or an incompatibility with W 1903? Any ideas?


Ok, just rechecked it. Have sorted my plugin lists recently, been accidentially using the VST2-version. The VST3-version works as expected.

VST2 should do as well I guess but for me personally the problem's solved :-)


Unfortunately this is a known bug in Cubase with mono VST 2 plug-ins.


Frederik Slijkerman
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