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Switching eq focus

Hi guys, I just purchased Pro q 3 and am absolutely loving it so far, One question I have and I have had a search through but cannot find the answer, Is it possible to switch the focus of the EQ without having to keep one instance open and open the second one?

So for instance lets say I have a pro q on my kick and a pro q on my bass, rather than having the two eq's open be able to switch back and forth in one instance, so I can work full screen when using it.

I hope that is clear enough of a description.


Hi Martyn,

That is currently not possible with Pro-Q 3. We'll think about adding this feature in the future.


Frederik Slijkerman

Ok great, Thanks, other than that top top product :)


If I am understanding you correctly, you can do this in Pro Tools, but not sure if this is available in other DAWs

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