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Summer Sale?

Hey hey, new to Fabfilter but really want to pick some stuff up. Just wondering if they typically do a summer sale I should hold out for? Any thoughts? Thanks.



We just did a huge anniversary sale of course... We might do a summer sale late summer though ;-)

Floris (FabFilter)

That would be great)


Missed the anniversary sale... Agree that it would be a lovely idea :p

Sun Pisces

Also missed the anniversary sale, was waiting for traditional summer sale and didn’t check. Would also love to see a summer sale! :)


Has the late summer sale happened yet??


Yes, it was active during August. They usually (past years dictate so) have another one at Christmas time though.

Torben Andersen

Thanks, Torben! I'll have to let Santa know!


Need Pro Q 3 and De-Ess on black Friday deal now I'm dying here!

Shoddy 86
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