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If purchased in Auria is it free in the iOS App Store?

I’ve purchased these in Auria..can I get them for free or at a discount in the iOS App Store?


Regarding the new AUv3 FabFilter plug-ins in the App Store, unfortunately we can't do any upgrade discounts based on whether you purchased the in-app plug-ins in Auria before. Apple simply doesn't give us this information.

To compensate, the plug-ins are very attractively priced compared to their Mac/PC counterparts.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Honestly, this sounds unfair. Cant I send you a screenshot from the Auria Store proving I own these plugins? I feel like I’m being punished for being an early adopter, having versions that are stuck in one platform, while new buyers get to use them anywhere.

Quincas Moreira

Hi Quincas,

Even if we know or trust that you purchased the plug-ins in Auria, we still are unable to give you a free or discounted upgrade -- the App Store simply doesn't offer this feature. There's only one price for all customers.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Hello, I'm a user of auria and like other users I feel penalized, in fact I should buy your plugins again.
I don't think I understand this policy, but basically “ business is business”.

Christian Luppi

FabFilter: "there's no technical way in the App Store to realize it".
Some folks: "damn money makers".

Makes sense :-D


Total nonsense and lame to blame Apple. Fabfilter you should at least offer something for those that bought the Aurio plugins in the early stages. Fix up something so that the plugins can be used as AU extensions on the iPad. Letting customers pay twice for the ‘same’ product is not something to be proud of. Hope you are willing to see the bigger picture here. Greetings, Cyril.


Feel free to explain to me how you would do it.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Well you could make the stand alone version available through the Auria App Store, that way all we would need to do is restore purchases. It’s a bit shit having to pay twice, but I get it. Apple take a large chunk, and want their pound of flesh.


Like they’ve stated a bunch of times, the plugins are very nicely priced on ios. I would think of it like you had early access for years inside of Auria and now you can buy a different version that you can use inside other apps. All the auv3 versions together was about $100 until Aug 1st on sale. Not a bad deal imo. You can still use your Auria versions like I do.

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