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FabFilters not working in Ferrite iOS

The plugins show up in the effects list and can be assigned to a track, the FabFilter UI displays when you activate them, BUT all audio cuts out in the track that has any of the following FabFilter plugins assigned: Pro-C 2, Pro-DS, Pro-G, Pro-L 2, Pro-MB, Pro-Q 3, and Pro-R.


Hi David,

Most likely Ferrite isn't enabling the input bus for the plug-in. We had this in multiple hosts and in each case, the host author was quick to fix the issue. More info:

You might want to pass this on to Ferrite's developers.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Thanks for posting this issue. I ran into the same trouble after purchasing Ferrite and was very disappointed. Having the ability to use the FF plugins within Ferrite was one of the main reasons I purchased it. Hopefully we’ll get an update one day.

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