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Custom Bundle Refund

Hey Fabfilter team.
I have a question regarding a Custom Bundle ive bought on April 29.
I had previously bought Pro Q2/3 and Pro L2 and am very happy with those.
On April 29 i decided to get FabFilter Pro-MB and FabFilter Saturn, but after longer usage i have stopped using them almost at all since they weren`t really what i was hoping for. I have now come to the conclusion that i would rather want to refund these two, since theyre just going to be idle on my plugin list otherwise..

Please let me know if there is any way for you guys to figure this out..

Kind regards,
Antonio Ahrens

Antonio Ahrens

Hi Antonio,

We only do refunds within 30 days. If you're no longer happy with your plug-ins, you can sell them to someone else via e.g. the KVR Marketplace. Once you sold them, use the transfer link in your FabFilter account to transfer the plugins to the new user.


Frederik (FabFilter)
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