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Pro Q3 hangs when moved to second monitor.

Hi, I'm evaluating FabFilter Pro Q3 with Cubase 10 and Studio One 4.5. I have a new dual monitor setup with an Intel i9-9900K cpu and a NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti gpu. With both DAWs the plugin works great if I keep it on my main (left) monitor. The moment I drag it to right monitor the plugin and the DAW hang. I am assuming this is an OpenGL issue but I don't know if its the driver or the plugin causing the problem.
I'm a CAD/CAM software developer by day so I did a little investigation with Visual Studio 2019 and the NVIDIA Nsight plugin and I'm able to capture all the OpenGL calls if this is helpful to you in any way.

In any case, while I really like your plugins, I can't have my workflow interrupted by crashes.


Larry Diehl

Hi Larry, are you using the latest Nvidia driver? If not, please install the latest driver and let us know if that resolves the issue for you!

Thank you in advance!


Hi Maarten, I must admit I was a bit miffed by your stock response - yes, of course I have the latest driver. Then I checked NVIDIA and found they released a new one yesterday. Version: 431.70 Release date 2019-07-29. I installed it, and lo and behold, Pro-Q3 now works fine on both monitors!
Thanks for your time - great products - shout out to you Nederlanders!

Larry Diehl

Hello, my problem is similar to him, but I have tried to update the driver and still can't solve it. Maybe it is my laptop.

Hao Zhang

Hi...If you are using extended desktop on multiple monitors and excel is freezing when moved to one of the monitors then that is a win or graphics problem and nothing to do with Pro Q3.

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