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Timeless 2 and Hass Effect

I‘ve checked many times of Dan's Timeless 2 video and something is still confused to me...

If I'm no misunderstanding here, the signal chain Dan used when he made hass effect in Timeless 2 is like

100% L Dry Sound(he panned all the dry signal to Left) - > 100%L/R Delay(if not panned reversely) - > 100%R Wet Signal output(he panned all the wet signal to Right)

I can understand this far,100%L Dry will still be heard like 100% Left Dry, only wider, that's what we do to use this effect.

But then I can't follow, he sends a signal to an FX bus and reverses the L/R delay signal, then he adjusts the dry signal bus's pan to further enhance the stereo effect.

My Q is:

1 Why reverse the L/R delay signal because in the end, the wet signal will still be sent out 100% R(cas he paned 100% R)

2 How can i use this all-100%R-wet signal to all different channels?cas some channel originally are panned hard Right...or I should have 2 hass FX channel called Hass R/L?

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