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Pro Q 2 and 3


I just moved to another computer (both of them Mac) and then I installed the same VST Pro Q 2 which I used to work with. I open any of my song projects and the Pro Q 2's in which I already had EQs set up won't work. It's pretty weird because Pro Q 2 works fine if I open a new one in any track of any song project, it just won't take the old ones. I don't know why it don't recognize it being the exact same VST file I used to have in my other computer. Than means I would have to remake all my EQs and those are THOUSANDS.

I also was wondering if with the Pro Q 3 version would be a way to tell my DAW "ok, the same you used to open in Pro Q 2 open it in Pro Q 3"



Hi Chris,

Which host are you using? Also, please try to do an official installation of Pro-Q 2 on your new Mac instead of copying the old plug-in. You can download it here:


Frederik (FabFilter)
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