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Pro q 3 app for my IPad loads incredibly slowly (4 minutes every time I add the plugin) and crashes GarageBand whenever I try to reopen a project

As I said in the title, this Fabfilter plugin is extremely slow to load, and if I have more than two it won’t let me reopen the project once I have closed it. I am on the IPadOs beta but everything else in GarageBand, including downloaded plugins, works fine. I LOVE this plugin because it’s amazing but the fact that I cant use it without breaking a project makes me feel like I wasted my money.

John Wooten

Hi John,

This problem occurs only with the iPadOS 13 beta, so I assume you are using that? We are working on a fix. Note that we don't claim to support beta iOS releases so I would recommend changing back to iOS 12 until iPadOS 13 is officially released.


Frederik (FabFilter)
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