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Fabfilter Q3 in Reaper sidechaining for dummies

Hi :)

First time im trying to sidechain something in Reaper.
Sorry i have watched tutorials and tried to understand this, but i think its very confusing.

I have a snare stereo track that i want to EQ match with another snare that is in stereo as well.
But where to begin?

Help is much appreciated!

All the best.


Can't help you with Reaper.

I'm not at my computer atm but from memory, put Q3 on the snare channel you want to capture. Select match EQ and choose record source input while playing the snare track, Q3 will create a EQ curve of the snare which you can then save.

Put another Q3 on the snare you want to apply the EQ curve to. Go to match EQ again and choose the EQ curve you just saved in the drop down menu, choose the strength of the curve, ie the number of EQ points and once you're happy select apply.

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