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Use Pro-Q 3 Instances as multiple side-chain sources.

Loving Pro-Q 3, the ability of the plugin to see all instances of Pro-Q 3 and overlay each spectrum and show the area(s) of frequency melee is incredible, amazing work everyone!

So my thinking is, if the instances can see each other's spectrum, why can't that same interlinked data of each instance be used as a source for Dynamic EQ?

Allowing ultra easy side-chained ducking / boosting from multiple sources inside a single Pro-Q 3!

This would be game CONQUERING functionality... you effing won, go straight to the podium, grab the crown and champagne, see you at the after party!

Imagine, the time and pain of splitting, routing, or duplicating for multiple sources for duck, duck goose, multiple EQs, compressors etc. mostly all gone... leaving before you only pure, radiant, mixing Valhalla!

When? :)


The problem is that the other instances could be at a different point in the project's timeline. Due to multithreading, they could be earlier or later in the song. For visualizing the spectrum, that doesn't really matter, but it does when using the input signal as a side chain input.

It's possible to manually align them, but what if the instance to take the signal from is at a later point in time? In this case, when you start playing from the beginning of the project, there is a period of time where you don't know the signal from the other instance yet, but do need to produce audio.

In short, it seems better to use a regular side chain for this, and let the host handle the audio routing. :)


Frederik (FabFilter)

I really appreciate the thorough info and your reply.

I guess its an obvious thing everyone would want but sadly not possible technically for all the reasons expressed or rather not ideal.

Still, being a noob in regards to the mind bending technical aspects behind the scenes of the GUI, it would be a beautiful dream if something like this could ever be implemented.

But I'm sure if it were practical you guys would have done it.

What about possibly having a single instance of Pro-Q open and be able to switch it over to any other device that has it, so as not to have to close it and hunt down the next instance.

Basically a drop down that just swaps between instances from one window.

Forgive the redundancy, I always feel I lack clarity.


That would be cool and we're looking into that.


Frederik (FabFilter)
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