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Pro-R Side Chain feature

Hello Fabfilter,

Not sure if this is the right place for a feature request. I am right now demo-ing Pro-R and will definitely buy it later this month.
It sounds great and I really like the build in eq as I always use an eq before I get into reverb.

I was missing a side chain feature to side chain the original signal to duck the reverb when the sound is playing and make more room in the mix. I think a feature like that will do really good and keep you even more ahead of the competition!

And now some wishful thinking, a transient designer to treat incoming signal.

Well a producer can dream don't he ;-)

Thanks for a great reverb!

Glenn Broersma

I often think about what it would be like to have the modulation options from the creative FX plugins in Pro-R. It would add the ability for ducking as well as a bunch of other creative possibilities. The transient designer is a pretty cool idea too. It would somewhat be solved if they added the modulation. I personally am more interested in a full on transient shaper plugin as well.


You can implement the ducking easily by using Pro-C 2 (or even Pro-G). Adding the same controls to Pro-R would just add unnecessary complexity for little benefit.

Likewise, there are many existing options for transient shapers, including good free ones.


Dear Antti,

That is the whole point, not using other plugins to archive this functionality.

That you know how to do that with external plugins is irrelevant.


Glenn Broersma
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