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mouse wheel behaviour

Im using the Fabfilter Pro Q3 and ProC2 since a while.
Im very happy with the sound and features.
Just wondering about the mouse wheel behaviour.

There is some non linear acceleration - similar to a mouse speed acceleration. I find that very disturbing and even after many months using the fabfilter plugins I dont get used to it.

I prefer the more linear behaviour that I find on other Plugin brands (Voxengo, Soundtoys etc...).

Any way to adjust/remove that "acceleration"?
Thank you!


We did this on purpose, so you can easily fine-tune a setting by moving the mouse wheel slowly, and also quickly set a completely different value by moving it quickly.

Which type of mouse are you using? Windows/Mac? And is there a specific control that doesn't work well for you, or is it just on all knobs?


Frederik (FabFilter)

thanks for the reply.

I was expecting, that you did it on purpose :)
just like a mouse speed acceleration

I find it hard to make good use of that feature, its rather disturbing to me. If my move is just a lil to quick/big the value suddenly jumps somewhere...if I want a +1dB 0 -1dB change around a certain value, while not looking at the keyboard, just listening. I just cant do it with that acceleration in the fabfilter plugins...either nothing happens, or the change is to big.

Im used to the linear behaviour where I can just add the "shift" key for fine tune. To me that feels much more natural.

Im using Cubase 10, win 7 with a logitech MX Master mouse


+1 for this to be optional. For me acceleration does not play well with stepped non-continuous mousewheel.


same for me. i would love to eq without watching numbers but the gain values goes crazy so i have to focus more on the way i move the mouse than listening.

that's the most annoying thing in pro-q 3. please consider making mouse accelleration an optional feature.

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