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Auto display range in Pro Q3

The auto display range in ProQ2/3 is a very cool and useful feature, except that it’s actually a semi auto display range! Let me explain : let’s say you start with a 12 dB range and the auto display mode enabled. Now, bring a bell knot to +20dB, the range will (as it should) adjust accordingly to the 24dB scale but if you then bring the knot back to +6dB, instead of going back to the range you initially chose (12dB), the range will stick to the 24dB scale. It would be great if you could provide in a future update a full auto mode, especially for film re-recording mixers like me that are surrounded by distant screens covered with multiple instances of ProQ3 not clearly showing what ranges they’re displaying. Thank you very much for considering!

Cyril Holtz

Hi Cyril,

If the range expands while you're moving the band, it will contract again when you move it back. But you're right -- as soon as you release the mouse, the range won't automatically get smaller. We'll experiment with this to see if this would work well.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Many thanks for your answer, Frederik!

Cyril Holtz
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