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I've been using FabFilter ProQ2 for a few years.
lately, the plug-in started to create CPU spikes (rising from 10% to 100% and above) that crashes my DAW.

*I ran several tests. when ProQ2 is inactive, all run as usual. with it on - it creates the problem above.

* Doesn't happen with other FF plugins.

* Problem started after downloading a demo version of FabFilter ONE. (Don't think it is connected but just to have all the info)

* Problem happened with ProTools 12 & Protools 2019.

My system:

Macbook Pro Retina 15" Mid 2015
OS Sierra 10.12.6, 16gb, 2.5GHz intel core i7.

UAD Apollo 8p

ProTools 2019

Thank You,

Omer Keinan

I have the same problem as you, my OS version is 10.14.6.
Can you let me know when you find the problem?
Thanks a lot!

yutao jiang


Can you try if moving FabFilter ONE to the unused plugin folder would make a difference?


Ralph (FabFilter)
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