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Pro-C2 - Knee Section and meter scale


I really like using the 'knee' section on the left, to get a nice visualization of the knee.
I also like setting the meter scale button (at the bottom right) according to the amount of gain reduction I'm going to use.

When I use subtle compression, I usually set the scale to 9dB/18dB.
The knee section scale is also affected by this.
When using 9dB/18dB scale, I'm unable to see the information in the knee section, because it is too low.
I can see the information only if the threshold is set very high (Which it usually isn't).

There should be some kind of visual compensation (upwards) to the knee section when changing the scale.
It's not a very big issue I guess, but could be very helpful.

Thanks !


Hi Yroth,

For now the only solution is to change the scale. Thanks for the feedback, we'll give it a thought.


Ralph (FabFilter)

Hi Ralph,

Thanks for the reply, I hope it will be possible in a future update, or maybe Pro-C3 some day? ;)


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