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Q3 scroll wheel to adjust Q WHILE grabbing and moving frequency

since Upgrading my PT to 2019 ( from 12.4 ) I'm no longer able to use the scroll wheel on my kensington trackball to adjust Q WHILE grabbing and moving frequency. The results are very undesirable. Erratic and creates new bands. I can simply stop moving the frequency if I want to adjust the Q, however I really miss being able to adjust both simultaneously. I've just updated to the new 3.11

Thanks for your help! Your plugins are indisposable to my work flow!.


Just wanted to add that this is especially important to me when I go to solo a band, I'd really like to adjust the Q as a sweep to find what I'm looking for.


Hi Kevin,

That is really strange... we use this all the time so could it be an issue with your mouse or mouse driver?


Frederik (FabFilter)
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