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2 Composer, 1 works with Pro-Q2, 1 works with Pro-Q3

we share with Cubase (10) one Project. The first composer works with Pro-Q2. Pro-Q3 is installed on my PC. When i open the cubase-
projekt, of course, the plug-in (Pro-Q2) can not be found on my computer.
I have to open explicitly my Pro-Q3 plug in, but then i miss the settings from Pro-Q2.
Is there a way, to apply the settings from Pro-Q2 to Pro-Q3?



The solution is to install Pro-Q 2 on your system. You can download it here: www.fabfilter.com/support/downloads

Your FabFilter account automatically offers you a license for earlier versions of plug-ins, such as Pro-Q 2. Click on "View license key" for Pro-Q 3, and then "View license keys for earlier versions" in the top right corner.


Frederik (FabFilter)
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