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Fab Filter Pro-Q3 Feature Suggestion

Q3 is my go to EQ, couldn't live without it, but I have a few suggestions that might make it even niftier.

A +/- octave button would be cool, as often times when notching out frequencies from iso booths there are resonances in multiple octaves. The option to both move the frequency you're currently notching up/down an octave, and to add a second notch at the frequency up/down an octave would be really cool. Although it sounds small, this would save me 5-10 seconds on every background vocal track on every mix, which would add up pretty quickly.

Along the same lines, Auto-Tracking harmonics, which I'm sure has already been requested, would be an awesome addition as well.


Hi Dom,

Thank you for your post. We've seen requests like this before! For now we've decided not to get into "smart" eq features like pitch tracking or harmonic bands. First and foremost we like Pro-Q to be your bread and butter eq, adding features also means expanding our interface. While Pro-Q 3 is already packed with features, its always a challenge to keep the interface as clean as possible. Of course, we might develop a plug-in like this in the future, but most probably it won't be implemented in Pro-Q.

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