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Pro-L 2 VST not appearing in Ableton

I'm a long-time user of Fabfilter plugins with Ableton Live 10 for Windows, and I just purchased and installed Pro-Q 3 and Pro-L 2, putting the DLLs for both in my usual 64 bit VST folder.

When I started Ableton, Pro-Q 3 appeared in my plugins folder and works fine, but Pro-L 2 isn't appearing. I've tried moving it to a sub-folder, moving out the Pro-L 1 DLLs and reinstalling twice, and it still won't appear. What can I do about this?



You could try to let Live do a forced rescan, by holding down alt while clicking the rescan button in Live’s preferences. It sometimes helps in some edge cases.


Thank you - I tried the full rescan and unfortunately it didn't work.


Hi Ar,

Do you use the default locations for your plug-ins or do you put them in a custom folder?

Ralph (FabFilter)

Put them in a custom folder. I've been using the same custom folder setup for years and have had many other Fabfilter plugins installed there which have worked for (also for years). And the Pro-Q 3 upgrade I just bought appears and operates as I'd expect, it's just Pro-L 2 that doesn't.

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