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Pro Q3 feature request

Hi. I’d like to request 2 features for pro Q3.

1. When automating the frequency of a band, I would like to have the keyboard notes available as automation points when in keyboard mode. Or even in addition to them. This would greatly help when taming bass guitar notes. Or any resonances that move up and down a scale.

2. I would like to control the frequency of a band via midi key/ note on keyboard. Application would be for controlling resonances that move up and down a scale.

Thank you for making amazing tools.


Beau Burchell

Hi Beau,

Thanks for the tips! These things are not on the list, but we might have look at it.


Ralph (FabFilter)

+1 for this. I have a workaround in Live using the Expression M4L device, but it's clunky and inaccurate. I would kill for bands to respond to incoming MIDI note data natively within Pro-Q.


yes this is exactly what i'm looking for too

/ö, sweden.


you could "simply" add midi note values as a possible "midi learn" feature on any parameter at all, besides controller values, that would open up a minor landscape of possibilities. and yes fabfilter, fantastic tools, best sound (transparent), best gui. but: you need to make the plugin (q3) respond to absolute midi values, so if i hit a low or high note it doesn't freak out or reset in a different position... i'm having trouble getting q3 to respond correctly to controller values.

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