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Pro-Q3 is unusable in Ableton when used on every track

When I put Pro-Q3 on every track in a project (about 20 tracks )and begin editing the bands, the display starts to freeze and lag until finally the audio drops out and Ableton freezes and crashes. At the time of crash Ableton's CPU meter will display between 45-50%. I am using Pro-Q3 on Zero Latency mode.

I have the newest version of Pro-Q3 (I just purchased it) and I am running the newest version of Ableton Live 10.1 64bit. I am using a MacBook Pro 2.6 ghz processor with 16 GB of ram. The Graphics processor is an NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB/Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB. I am using a Komplete Audio 6 sound card. I don't have this problem with any other brand of plugins. I can put Waves or Native instruments EQs and Compressors combined with VST synths on every single track and the display and audio remain smooth and stable.

I have tried disabling Graphics Acceleration for Fabfilter plugins using the terminal. I have tried both the VST2 and VST3 versions of the Fabfilter plugins. I have set the buffer size of the sound card to 2048 Samples.

What am I missing? Hopefully this is something that can be resolved.


Wow, that's weird. I have almost the same configuration (except mine is a 2.2 GHz CPU and I use an Audient iD4) and use ProQ3 on all tracks too, usually more than 20... I realise this isn't helpful in the sense that it gives you some pointers, more to point out that it should work as intended.
It shouldn't matter, but have you tried it with the Komplete Audio 6 disconnected? It's the main variable I see.


Ok I tried some more things. I disconnected the Komplete Audio 6 along with all USB connections and it did the same thing. I also tried disabling Bluetooth on the MacBook Pro just to see if that would help and the problem still persists. I opened the activity monitor and there is only 4 background processes using the CPU and they are each using less than 1%. I also tried completely uninstalling all Fabfilter plugins and their related files and reinstalling them.

If I load a project that has pro-q3 on every track it starts out playing smoothly. But each time I open the vst gui on a track and adjust any parameter, the lagging and glitching gets progressively worse until Ableton freezes or the iOS crashes. I don't open more than one gui at a time, but the system is acting like I have 20 GUIs open.


Are you using Pro-Q 3 as a VST3 plugin in Ableton Live? Can you try the AU or VST2 version instead? VST3 support in Live 10.1 is still quite new and there may be some bugs.

Also, which version of macOS are you running?


Frederik (FabFilter)

I already tried the vst 2 version and it was glitching out like crazy, but I have never used AU plugins in Mac, probably because I came from Windows 8 years ago. I tried the AU version and it is working well so far! I also noticed all my other plugins use less CPU if I use the AU versions so I am going to switch to AU for my plugins.


To answer your other question, I was using Sierra, and then I upgraded to Mohave to see if that fixes it but the problem persisted in both iOS's


check your phase mode, maybe you're running them in linear phase mode which introduce latency

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