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Gifting Credit?

Hi there, I tried to add this on top of an existing topic but didn't yet get a response there, sorry for reposting. I'm gonna try and be greedy:

I'd like to buy a friend a plugin. This will be his first Fabfilter product so preferably:
* I'd like to refer him and enjoy the mutual discounts
* I'd like to pay for his plugin
* I'd prefer giving him some kind of credit so he can choose his plugin/bundle himself

Can I enjoy all of these?
Thanks in advance


Hi Oded,

Unfortunately we don't do giftcards.. The only option I'd see here is that you buy the plug-in(s), register to his name but use a different billing address. Would that work?

Ralph (FabFilter)

Should be good enough, though I'd have rathered he create an account here while at it :)

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