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Pro-Q3 solo button

When I click on the headphone icon, I only hear signal from the range I select.

I want to only hear the signal between 200 and 300 Hz. I can do that, but it seems that whether I boost or cut in this area, I still hear the same signal in audition mode and can't tell how much to cut or boost to get the desired sound in that range. I can hold the solo button and drag up or down to hear a louder and quieter signal, but that doesn't tell me how much to boost or cut to get the desired signal.

How does one do this?

Thank you for your time...

Caleb Tate

Hi Caleb,

I think you've also emailed us with this request right? As you say, the solo button only lets you hear the targeted frequency range. It does not let you hear any change in gain of that band. This is intentional. It would be hard to hear how much you want to boost or cut if you don't have any reference to the rest of the material.


Ralph (FabFilter)
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