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Pro Q as analyzer

LOVE the analyzer in Pro-Q !!

so I've been thinking about getting an iPad exclusively and having it set up permanently on my mixing console.

What else would I need?
Some kind of host to run it?
Will it go fullscreen on the iPad?
Is the latency decent enough on iPads?
What's the best way of getting a mult of my main output to the iPad?
Anyone out there already doing this?

tons of questions, sorry for that!


Hi Marten,

You would need a host to run it, but the standalone apps are also just a small host themselves. They don't do a lot, just processing the input and play it through the output, but that might be enough for you.

You would need a small interface of some kind, so the iPad will not use the built in microphone but has a way to access a line input.

Then just a mult or a separate output going into your iPad should do the trick.

Full screen mode is supported on the iOS plug-ins. The latency should be nothing to worry about.

Haven't heard of anyone doing this. If you got it working, let us know!


Ralph (FabFilter)
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