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Pro Q as analyzer

LOVE the analyzer in Pro-Q !!

so I've been thinking about getting an iPad exclusively and having it set up permanently on my mixing console.

What else would I need?
Some kind of host to run it?
Will it go fullscreen on the iPad?
Is the latency decent enough on iPads?
What's the best way of getting a mult of my main output to the iPad?
Anyone out there already doing this?

tons of questions, sorry for that!


Hi Marten,

You would need a host to run it, but the standalone apps are also just a small host themselves. They don't do a lot, just processing the input and play it through the output, but that might be enough for you.

You would need a small interface of some kind, so the iPad will not use the built in microphone but has a way to access a line input.

Then just a mult or a separate output going into your iPad should do the trick.

Full screen mode is supported on the iOS plug-ins. The latency should be nothing to worry about.

Haven't heard of anyone doing this. If you got it working, let us know!


Ralph (FabFilter)

Thanks for your reply, that helps a lot!

I'm still on the lookout for a simple and elegant stereo line input solution, AES/EBU would be perfect, but analog will be fine too.

This might be a bit OT, but I'm new to iPads, the closest thing I could find was the US-2x2 by Tascam, that seems a little over the top though.
Anyone have some alternative suggestions?

I guess there's no way to stream the audio over wifi - is there?


If you wait for a bit you can upgrade to OS X Catalina which, in combination with ipadOS, has a function which allows you to use your iPad as a secondary display. You would just insert ProQ on the master and place the window on the iPad. Thus negating the need for an audio interface on your iPad.
Or just use an app like Duet which allows this on Macs that aren’t on Catalina or Windows PCs if I’m not mistaken.
Just a suggestion :)


thanks Bram, just noticed you had replied to this thread!

yes, I've been using ProQ on the master, but it is kind of a pain to make sure that that particular plugin window is open/visible at all times.
Within ProTools this involves shift-clicking ProQ to open a second plugin display window. Then you have to keep track and make sure not to open a third plugin window and switch things around or else it all gets a bit confusing when changing windows.

Also, I am sure I'm completely paranoid, but I am certain I can hear a sound difference whether ProQ is in the signal path or not, even when no bands are engaged.
I have done extensive A - B blind listening tests and therefore do not want to always have to remember to inactivate the plugin for a mix pass.

I'm working on an old-school analog console which has multiple transformer isolated main outputs, so I think I'll just get a dedicated sound card for the iPad and try it out this way!

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