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License issue with Pro-Q3

Hi, Fab people!

I had tor einstall a couple of my plugins due to weird windows 10 + Nuendo behaviour, reinstalled them. Everything works great except my FabFilter Pro-Q3. It says my evaluation period is over and wants me to give the license. I copy-paste the license, restart Nuendo and... he asks for the license again!

C copy the code without empty lines on top and bottom, as advised, but with full first and last line written in capitals, as advised.

What's going on here, any ideas?

For now I had to use a pirate keygen I found on the web. Sorry about this, but really, my Pro-Q3 is like air to me, and I literally can't continue any of my urgent projects. Forgive me this, FabFilter, and please - HELP.


Possible solution:

You may need to remove the registry key that pertains to the licence. I had to do that myself to fully deauthorise my plugins for something else.

Start --> regedit.exe

Navigate to:


There's a key called "LicenseText"

If you delete that, it may allow you to enter the licence properly.


Thanks, Jim, but it didn't help. Uninstalled all FabFilter stuff, cleaned the registry manually - the key doesn't work. It acts like it lost its validity...

Writing to FabFilter support now.


Ok, reinstalled FabFilter, included downloaded files, registry entries, .ini files etc., full foldback. Reinstalled again, working this time, alongside MB, C2 and R.

Problem solved!

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