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Fabfilter Q3 Mac Version Compatibility

Quick question, I got a Mac Pro and I received a notification that Mac Pro has upgraded its version to macOS Catalina 10.15 and I want to know if Fabfilter Q3 is compatible with this version? I talked to Apple Support and they told me to ask Fabfilter to make sure it is before I upgrade versions. Any input given is greatly appreciated.


Hi Brian,

We've tested our plug-ins here, and as far as we could see they all seem to work just fine under Catalina.


Ralph (FabFilter)

Ok cool thanks


Are they notarized via Apple? From what I’m reading, it seems there’s a grace period that will allow currently installed plugins (non-notarized) to continue to work. The current grace period might get an extension, but eventually they will not work in a future (non-major) update to Catalina.
So far only Celemony has confirmed official support for Catalina.


Any update on if they are notarized? Again, just because they work currently in Catalina, does not mean they will continue to work once they require everything to be notarized. This is just the grace period before the restrictions take place.


Yes! All our installers for Mac have been notarized since the beginning of 2019, so you won't have any problems.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Hi, I'm on a Macbook Pro 2015 Retina, OS 10.15.3. Protools 2020.3.

I have Q2, Q3 and Pro L2. They work except when I open the GUI. With the track playing I open the GUI to tweak parameters and sometimes just the GUI being open will bottleneck the cpu and stop playback.

Any suggestions?


Geoff Allan

Hi Geoff,

Have you tried disabling graphics acceleration? With some graphics cards and host software combinations, the GPU-accelerated graphics acceleration system in our latest plug-ins might cause problems. You can turn off graphics acceleration to find out if this fixes the problem.

Tip: If you experience problems, first try to update your graphics drivers to the latest version!

Windows: Click the Start button, type 'regedit', Enter to open the Registry Editor. (You might have to give permission to continue.) Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\FabFilter. Right-click and select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value. Name it GraphicsAcceleration and ensure its value is 0.

Mac OS X: Open Terminal and type: defaults write com.fabfilter.Common GraphicsAcceleration 0

The above steps will turn off graphics acceleration for all FabFilter plug-ins. To re-enable it, change the value 0 to 1 in the steps above.


Ralph (FabFilter)

hi, I have exactly the same problem on my late 2011 macbook pro (High Sierra, 16GB of RAM and SSD drive) I love using Pro-Q 3 and Pro-MB but it's almost impossible using them cos as soon as I open the plug-in window I get an AAE -9173 error in Pro Tools and playback stops. And the plug-in itself is not CPU heavy, right? So I really feel it has to do with the graphics/GUI or something because as soon as I close the plug-in window the playback doesn't stop. Any help would be really appreciated! best regards, Frank

frank rotthier

Hi Frank,

Have you also tried disabling graphics acceleration, like I described above?


Ralph (FabFilter)

yeah but in terminal I get the same text as the one before I pasted that frase, is that normal?
This is what I see in Terminal:
Last login: Mon Apr 20 18:11:37 on console
Franks-MBP:~ frankrotthier$ defaults write com.fabfilter.Common GraphicsAcceleration 0
Franks-MBP:~ frankrotthier$

frank rotthier

doesn't do anything I think, or maybe I'm doing it wrong. When I check the CPU total in System Usage in Pro Tools I see the total CPU raise by 20 % when I open a Pro-Q 3 window, as soon as I close that plug-in window the CPU drops 20% again. Hope there is a solution for this.

frank rotthier
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