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Fabfilter Q3 Mac Version Compatibility

Quick question, I got a Mac Pro and I received a notification that Mac Pro has upgraded its version to macOS Catalina 10.15 and I want to know if Fabfilter Q3 is compatible with this version? I talked to Apple Support and they told me to ask Fabfilter to make sure it is before I upgrade versions. Any input given is greatly appreciated.


Hi Brian,

We've tested our plug-ins here, and as far as we could see they all seem to work just fine under Catalina.


Ralph (FabFilter)

Ok cool thanks


Are they notarized via Apple? From what I’m reading, it seems there’s a grace period that will allow currently installed plugins (non-notarized) to continue to work. The current grace period might get an extension, but eventually they will not work in a future (non-major) update to Catalina.
So far only Celemony has confirmed official support for Catalina.


Any update on if they are notarized? Again, just because they work currently in Catalina, does not mean they will continue to work once they require everything to be notarized. This is just the grace period before the restrictions take place.


Yes! All our installers for Mac have been notarized since the beginning of 2019, so you won't have any problems.


Frederik (FabFilter)
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