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Fabfilter MB Latency Problem

I added a Fabfilter MB on my mix bus for the leads and when i play the song its not synced with everything else. I tried all of the phases and they all do the same thing. Any ideas?

Bartek Strzelecki

Hi Bartek,

It looks like your DAW is not handling the delay compensation correctly. What DAW and OS are you using?


Ralph (FabFilter)

I'm having this same issue - it happens as soon as I enable sidechain mode, and I tried troubleshooting/narrowing down the potential causes.

Originally I thought it was because I had double-sidechained something (i.e. using the same sidechain input on an instrument track AND the bus it feeds to) which I know can get wacky with delay compensation, but I went through each plugin one-by-one to doublecheck that wasn't happening.

My Logic X (10.4.7) buffer size is maxed out (1024 samples) but the issue is still occurring. It seems to only happen in Pro MB, but not when I try to use a different plugin in its place with the same sidechain selected.


Somewhat similar issue. Cakewalk. When recording vocal take lanes, sometimes clips are 1/2+ second behind. PDC is On.


Delay compensation for side chains is known to work incorrectly in Logic Pro X. We've reported this to Apple a few years ago but they haven't fixed it so far. You can report it yourself:

Apple keeps track of the number of reports for an issue and will use that to prioritize the fix, so every report matters.


Frederik (FabFilter)
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