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Using FabFilter Pro L2 with Pro Tools Bounce to Disk and other questions

I am a fairly new user of Pro Tools and just purchased the FabFilter Pro L2 plugin. I am seeking some guidance on use and limitations of the plugin. We normally export our mix for use in video using the Bounce to Disk function which writes the mix to a file at a rate of approximately 30X real time. It appears that other plugins still continue to work at that speed during the bounce process. Assuming that I can find one L2 setting that works across the entire project, will the L2 plugin work okay during the bounce process?

I am assuming that the L2 plugin will not automatically raise or lower the gain depending on the volume of the song, but would someone please confirm this. Is there another plugin that automatically raises or lowers to gain as a function of the song level?

Since it is unlikely a single gain setting will be optimum across a musical program, I am guessing that the best way to use the L2 plugin is to have its output routed to a bus and then setup another audio track and record it while adjusting the plugin as needed while playing the mix and then bounce to disk the newly recorded track. Is this correct? Do I need another track setup in order to monitor the track being recorded or is there a special setting needed?

Sorry for so many questions. All replies are greatly appreciated

Jim Norman

Hi Jim,

Pro-L 2 works perfectly fine in offline bounce mode in Pro Tools.

When you use bounce to disk, you can insert Pro-L 2 on your monitoring track. This can be both an Aux or an Audio track. If you want to print your mix to a stereo track, you can use the setup you describe: Insert Pro-L 2 on a stereo aux, which feeds a stereo audio track that you can record your mix to.

Pro-L 2 works perfectly fine in offline bounce mode in Pro Tools.

The level you set in Pro-L 2 is static, unless you automate parameters of course. It does not have an automatic level adjuster.


Ralph (FabFilter)

Thanks for the information.

Jim Norman
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